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Main Keyword Here

Change To Your Adsense Code!
Change To Your Adsense Code!

Put your home page article here. Make sure it’s over
500 words long. Try and type as much original content as you can here
(between 500-600 words ok). This actually made a huge difference in
all my test sites.

This template may look simple, but every test imaginable
was made with over 40 templates and this one made the most money by
far. Why?

– it has a huge click-through rate (40% to 90% depending
on the niche or topic)
– it loads quickly for all Internet connections
– it keeps the visitor’s eyes on the ads
– it does not break any Adsense rules
– it’s only been downloaded under 30 times so far, so it’s not over-used
– all footprint issues have been removed
– universal so you have very little tweaking to do per site
– all SERPS like this template as it’s SE friendly
– the meta tags are custom and ideal for SERPS
– extremely customizable if you want to tweak even more originality

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